Tequila Sunrise

by Rachel Kuptz

in Girly Drinks,IBA Cocktails,Liquor Types,Tequilla

Another tequila cocktail classic. 3 ingredients, lots of taste.

Tequila Sunrise:

  • tequila sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise

    2 oz tequila

  • 4 oz Orange Juice
  • 1 part Grenadine
  • Cherry or orange for garnish
  • Optional: Umbrella to make the cocktail girly/beachy/themed

Pour tequila and orange juice into glass filled with ice. Add grenadine. Garnish and serve.

The Tequila Sunrise is an IBA Official Cocktail. One of my bucket list items is to drink through the IBA Official Cocktail list, so here’s an official documented start.

Some variations of the Tequila Sunrise include the Caribbean Sunrise (substitute rum for tequila), Russian Sunrise (substitute Vodka for tequila), Astronaut Sunrise (substitute Tang for Orange Juice), and Diet Sunrise (substitute cranberry juice for grenadine).

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