Simple and Delicious: Whisky Cranberry

by Rachel Kuptz

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My latest go to cocktail is an easy mix, Crown Royal and  Cranberry. I’ve been on a cranberry kick lately, and I always have Crown Royal around, but I’ve never paired the two together. If you’re a fan of shots, you’re probably well aware of the ingredients in a Washington Apple shot: Crown Royal (whisky),  apple schnapps, and cranberry juice. I’m not a huge fan of shots, but when I ran out of Ginger Ale to go with my whisky, I looked to Crown Royal’s website and decided to try mixing in cranberry juice. To my delight, it’s a delicious mix.

Whisky and Cranberry

Whisky and Cranberry

Whisky and Cranberry

  • 1.5 oz Whisky
  • 6oz Cranberry Juice

Serve over ice; garnish with lime.

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