Give Me Back That Crème Yvette, Give It To Me…Link Roundup and Testing Cocktails In Order To Stay Skinny

by Rachel Kuptz

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Rhubarb Cocktails

Rhubarb Cocktails

Another round of links from cocktailers around the web! This week, the Pickle Back talk is beginning to die down and Creme Yvette talk is heating up. There’s contests, recipe submission opportunities, cocktail recipes, and blind taste testing results to keep you busy for a few minutes:

  • The Pickle Back: For the past few weeks, all the cocktailers on twitter have been talking about The Pickle Back: a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey followed by a back of pickle juice. While it doesn’t sound appealing, the flavors supposedly work well together.
  • Creme Yvette Cocktails: The newest trend, however, is Creme Yvette. A blend of berries, spices, honey, vanilla, and a touch of violet petals, Creme Yvette ceased production in 1969 and just recently made a reappearance. Use it in gin cocktails if you’re a fan of the Aviation, or try it in an absinthe based cocktail.
  • Six Signs You’re in a Serious Cocktail Bar: @Swigs_ has reposted an article that originally ran in the Metro Times, detailing the six signs that you’re in a serious cocktail bar. When an “apple martini” is actually a “Jack Rose” (applejack brandy, fresh lime juice, grenadine) instead of vodka and sour apple liqueur, that’s a sign that the bartender knows their stuff.
  • Women Who Drink Gain Less Weight: According to a study that was posted in the New York Times, nondrinkers gained more weight over time while regular moderate drinkers gained much less. “The risk of becoming overweight was almost 30 percent lower for women who consumed one or two alcohol beverages a day, compared with nondrinkers.
  • Chance to Appear in The Cocktail Deeva’s Newest Cocktail Book: @CocktailDeeva is working on her newest book and you have a chance to be featured in it! Send The Cocktail Deeva your life stories and the cocktail that goes along with that story – if chosen, you’re in the book!
  • The Whiskey Renaissance: Top 5 Rye Bottles: Bon Appétit Magazine writer Andrew Knowlton blind taste tested 16 different brands of Rye with PDT bartender, Jim Meehan. The result: 5 Ryes that are worth your money.
  • 20+ Recipes That Call For Beer: From Fine Living Network, over 20 Recipes that use beer, including “Bubba’s Beer Biscuits” and “Beer-a-mi-su.”
  • LUPEC Boston Celebrates International Women’s Day With a Ladies’ Cocktail: March 5th was International Women’s Day, and the ladies of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) Boston suggest that you try the Ladies’ Cocktail to celebrate.
  • Beer With Branson: This is just a fun story. Justin “Bugsy” Sailor wants to have beer with Richard Branson, and he’s reaching out to anyone that might have a connection to Sir Branson.
  • Bartender’s/Waitresses/Hostesses Wanted For LA Reality Show: Your chance to be on TV! One of Hollywood’s celebrity restaurateurs, along with a major cable network, is looking for bartenders, servers, and hostesses to audition for a chance to be on national TV.
  • Pinky Vodka Mixology ContestPinky Vodka is giving mixologists the chance to create a new featured cocktail for their brand and an opportunity to win $500 to $1,000 dollars (grand prize and runner up winners). One entry per participant is allowed, and the entries must contain at least one fresh ingredient and Pinky Vodka, with no more than five ingredients total.
  • Rhubarb Cooler: Just in case you missed it – The Rhubarb Cooler, a recipe from Kara Newman’s book and virtual cocktail party.
  • The Razz: Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist, is on a coffee kick (check out her tweets) – so much so that she decided to come up with a few coffee cocktails, including The Razz (DaVinci Raspberry syrup, half & half, hot coffee, whipped cream).
  • Tales of the Cocktail: Just a PSA that Tales of the Cocktail is only 132 days away! Tickets went on sale last week, with seminars covering everything from gin to a “Ladies Only hands-on demo” with master mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim (The Modern Mixologist).

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