Girly Drink Recipe: Black Velvet

by Rachel Kuptz

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Not usually a fan of beer, but I am a fan of champagne. That’s why the Black Velvet cocktail stood out to me. Made with Guinness and Champagne (pretty easy, huh?), this drink is manly enough to serve at a party for your guy friends, but with a touch of Champagne, the Black Velvet is smooth enough to make it into our Girly Drinks book. You’re supposed to add half Champagne/half Guinness to make one Black Velvet, but we say easy on the Guinness, heavy on the Champagne J

Black Velvet Ingredients:

  • Champagne
  • Guinness stout

Black Velvet Recipe:

Fill a tilted, chilled champagne flute slightly less than halfway with cold champagne. Wait for foam to subside, then slowly add equal part Guinness.

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