The FTC now requires that all bloggers have a disclosure, or something like that.

So, here’s mine:

I sometimes receive free bottles of alcohol in exchange for writing about the alcohol. I spend way more money on buying alcohol at stores and restaurants and bars, however, and most of the recipes you’ll see are based on experiences in which I paid.

I sometimes use affiliate links when linking off to a book or product.

I sometimes go to media sponsored events and eat all their food and drink all their drinks. Then I write about it. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it would be awesome if it did.

I pretty much make $0/month off this site. I’m sure there are things I’m doing wrong. I just enjoy drinking good drinks.

Please obey all drinking rules in your country, including age restrictions.

This site is just for fun. This site is recommended for folks 21 and up. Please drink responsibly.