To submit a recipe, send samples, or inquire about demographics, read below.

Submit A  Cocktail

To submit a cocktail, please email staff@girly-drinks . com or upload a picture to the tumblr page. with an original photo (of a cocktail that you made yourself or from a restaurant/bar), the name of the cocktail, a recipe, and any other information that should be included. If a picture was taken at a restaurant, please provide the name and location (City/State). I also include links to websites, facebooks, twitter accounts, etc., so if you want that information included, please send me the links!

Send A Sample

I love samples! If a sample is received, I’ll post about it to Girly Drinks with original pictures, links, and recipes. I’ve reviewed liquors, restaurants, and products, but I am open to pretty much everything.

Send A Pitch

Do you represent a spirit or cocktail related product? I’m always looking for recipes to feature on Girly Drinks, so if you have one to share, please send the recipe, image, and links for quick posting.

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