Cocktail Blogs

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Cocktail | Liquor | Wine Blogs

Gourmet Underground Detroit

An intelligent group of foodies, wine and spirit enthusiasts and their websites:

Spirit and Liqueur Brands 

  • Old New Orleans Rum Blog
  • Old New Orleans Rum
  • BevMo
  • Diageo
  • Cocktail Products

    Cocktail Twitter-ers

    Many well known cocktailers, bartenders, liquor brands, and cocktail enthusiasts are on Twitter. You can find a few of them by going to my cocktail twitter list. If you’re a cocktailer or brand that I haven’t added to the list yet, please reply to me on twitter and I’ll add you right away!

    Detroit / Michigan Sites

    I’ve moved back to Michigan recently, and while this site isn’t locally focused, I do get a lot of pictures, ideas, and recipes for this site from the local establishments. I love being invited to events that these places put on, or I just support (or read) them in general:

    National / Big Media With Great Cocktail Recipes (sometimes)